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Twin Engine Triumph?

This looks like a fun motorcycle to ride!

Twin Triumph

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2 comments on “Twin Engine Triumph?

  1. This sort of thing was fairly common during the 60s as a way to add lots of power, primarily to drag bikes. Most were bodge jobs and didn’t look nearly as professional and compact as this one; usually they just stretched the frame, stuck in another motor and hoped the clutch and gearbox would stay together. However, at a time when 100 horsepower was only a dream and the really fast bikes were rare and hugely expensive Vincents, anyone with machining & mechanical skill, fabricating talent and some extra cash could build a twin-enigne Trumpet or Beeza that would easily crush the Ton. Handling was another matter, as the added frame length made for leisurely steering response, and often the resulting geometry wasn’t what the factory had in mind, but on the straight it sure would burn the road, and sounded fabulous to boot!

  2. Judging by the license plates the photos appear to be from California. Going by the landscape I would guess either western Riverside or San Bernadino County somewhere. Maybe as far west as Pomona.

    Amazing machine work in casting and blending the two bottom ends of those engines together.

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