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311 4th St., Box 85
Marne, Iowa 51552
PHONE: (712)781-2351
HOURS: Mon-Fri: 8-6 & Sat: 9-5


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  1. I live in Chicago and ride a 1972 BSA B50, not exactly a common bike, but the folks at Baxter always fill my parts orders promptly, and often the parts arrive the next day! For those of us who remember the “bad old days” of parts being back-ordered to England and arriving long after the bike had been sold, Baxter’s 24-hour service is nothing short of a miracle. Randy and Jeremy always are happy to help with any sticky problem, and their stock keeps expanding to include parts that once were obscure or impossible to obtain. If they don’t have OEM parts, the reproductions are good quality and work as well as, or better than, the originals. Baxter is my go-to source for all things Britbike!

  2. Tim McKinney

    True story that’s really not heard of in this day and age. Have done some minor business with Randy over the last few years on parts and pieces for my numerous vintage bikes but never had stepped up to purchase a bike from them. Just missed a nice 58 Super Rocket last year, I’m a big fan of A-10’s but it was spoken for before I could get with Jeremy. He promised to keep his eyes peeled and about 4 months ago, e-mailed with a really nice bike. Long story short, I made the purchase and the bike was delivered to me. Beautiful bike but in the course of the next month or so, just didn’t turn out to be the bike for me. In talking to Jeremy, he immediately offered to take the bike back and let me continue to watch for something that suited me better which shocked me! His message to me is we want you to be happy with your bike and will help to make it that way. Just took delivery this week end of a really sweet 57 T-110 Triumph that I have to say is better than I had envisioned from the pictures and description. Jeremy delivered the bike personally on his way to Milwaukee and wanted to make sure that I was pleased with the transaction. Unbelievable service in this day of fast paced sales etc., These guys are the real deal when it comes to satisfaction after the sale. Can’t thank them enough for caring about me personally when I know how many bikes they must sell overall. Thanks again Jeremy and Randy for making my last Britt bike purchase a great experience. The words out from my side, you guys are the best!!

  3. Carl Sanford

    I’m just about at my wits end with these Baxter People. For the last four years I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of this group of misfits and after hundreds of emails, endless parts orders, phone calls, deliveries and purchasing four vintage British motorcycles, I’m still no closer to figuring out what these characters are up to. Randy Baxter and Jeremy Pendergast are masters of illusion. They think they have me completely convinced that good humor, excellent service before the sale and terrific follow up after the sale are a great way to run a business, but I have news for them – after I build a bigger garage to hold more bikes and assuming my, at this writing, very understanding wife doesn’t leave me – I plan on continuing to do business with these guys until I find out their scam. Maybe I need a Special Congressional Investigation.
    For those who want to join this ‘Witch Hunt’ – don’t try cryptic email messages, incomplete parts orders, harassing Logan by phone, insulting Justin, running Randy in circles on abandoned mountain back roads, screwing up paper work on a regular basis just to see if Jeremy notices – all these type of things just seem to encourage them to be even more helpful and professional … it’s all very annoying.
    The truth may just turn out to be that Baxter Cycle is one of those rare finds that we all come across a very few times in our lives that is the REAL DEAL. I’m not saying it is, but I have to at least accept the fact that it may be a possibility.
    Thanks everyone at Baxter Cycle for always delivering a quality product, careful attention to detail and supporting a very bad habit and love affair with two wheel wonders, but remember … I’m still watching you and waiting for you to screw up.

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