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Our Australian Friend Phil’s Story About His New Roof!

Here is a great story about our Australian friend Phil and his 91 year-old neighbor, Mary, in his BMW sidecar.

Mary next door (now aged 91) was a bit cranky (well not for long) because she said she’d lost her view of the distant mountain from her back porch. I felt pretty bad, I hadn’t even thought of Mary’s porch view when we designed the roof. But when I spoke to her son in law, he said I would have had to have no roof at all for Mary to still see the mountain from her porch. He said don’t worry about it.

“A year or so back I took Mary for a burn over Mount Gibraltar in the outfit.  She said it was the most fun she’d had with her clothes on!  I asked Mary if she had any new boyfriends on the horizon?  She said “At my age Phil, there ain’t much on the market!”  I said,  “I guess not Mary, and what’s out there would likely only be short term!”

Thanks for the story, Phil!




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