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From Basket Case to Thing of Beauty

My bike was a basket case when I bought it. With the help of several friends Jimmy Allred, George Ratterman, and Rex Floyd I was able to transform this worn out dilapidated bike into a thing of beauty. I also carted ti up to Parksburg, PA to my friend Bob “Ozzie” Oswald to modify it by adding an electric starter with a primary belt, rear belt drive, and external oil filter. I have had two knee operations (clean out but no replacements) so if I wanted to keep the knees I was born with I had to stop kick starting this bike. I spent a lot of time and money on this bike but I now have a bike that not many people have. Rex Floyd (who lives 1 1/2 hours from me) has been a blessing. He is not only a superb Triumph bike mechanic, he has become a friend. Jimmy Allred (who has a 1980 Triumph Bonneville and a couple BMW’s) and I go down to see him from time to time even when we don’t have bike problems. He is a great guy as well as the fact that he buys all of his parts from Baxter.





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One comment on “From Basket Case to Thing of Beauty

  1. Fabulous job! Anyone willing to spend a reasonable amount of cash and time can build a good-running, oil-tight and RELIABLE Britbike. With products like electronic ignition, better valve gear, electric starters, Amal Premier crabs,etc., there’s no good excuse to leave those old Triumphs, BSAs and Nortons in the shed. If a dedicated rider performs the labor (except the machine work), building a good, reliable vintage English bike can cost less than buying a new contemporary bike and is far more satisfying. Electric start is a good idea for we old-timers whose knees aren’t what they once were; but I’d put more muffler on this bike. No use losing any more hearing than we have to!

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