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Dream Rides

First Bobber on the Road! Thanks for Sharing, Mike!

Press bike update: Perhaps the best Bonneville yet, from cruising at 100 on the 405 to handling, 4400 rpm at 105mph,  it is very comfortable, tracks very well, like a sport bike, only drawback is rear shock and small tank, it hauls like a Street Twin on steroids. Same type of instant torque.  Seating position is very comfortable, not exaggerated in any way, seat is good…don’t ask me how. I almost bought a Street Twin, love it, glad I waited, I want one.

They are to be released to dealers supposedly next week….Mick tells me I am the first to have one on the road!  Another hit for Triumph!  Can’t wait to cruise the Harley store.  After 500 miles it goes back, two more to ride.

Poor me…..where is the sun when I need it?

Thanks For Sharing, Mike!

As a long time friend of Mickey Cohen, National Service Manager for Triumph, i put break in miles on press bikes. For over 10 years now I have been riding for him, and have ridden over 20 new bikes this year@ 500-1500 miles each.  I put over 500 miles on Rider cover bike of Street Twin, and can tell if the editors really ride the bikes because I have.  Triumph quality is very high, I ride them hard, and currently have a 2017 T100 Black in my garage after putting 750 miles on a Speed Triple R last week.  I have done break in miles for celebrity bikes, and in the movie SALT! although Angelina rides,you are hearing me.  Made over 100 passes at over 100 mph for that one!  Last year i put 350 miles in a week on a Rocket 3 with a Carpenter head, 220 natural aspirated horsepower on the dyno.  Stupid fast is what one magazine called it!  Contact me for honest opinion on Triumphs, I ride them all, and have owned over 18 myself.  Current touring bike is a 2015 Tiger 800 with Explorer bags.  My old 2006 Tiger 955 is still ridden with over 110k.  Ride safe and Merry Christmas!

It was a Pleasure Meeting You, Mike!

To celebrate 4 years after open heart surgery, we rode 7300 miles, 13 states in 26 days.  Best touring bike I ever rode, and I have been in all 48 states to ride, my 18th new Triumph, and I ride for Triumph for the press fleet.  We fell in love with Iowa too bad you have winter.   Good to meet all you guys when stopping in. Why can’t we have shops like yours in Cali, maybe a winter satelite…. by the way we were over 11,000 feet, and I still got great mileage! Now I can find a place for the BSA Hurricane!  Thanks Chris and Justin, also before I left I put over 600 miles on 2017 Tiger Explorer XCA-not a bad start to summer!


It was great to meet you Mike! Looking forward to seeing you again!

Badlands Bike Trip

Dad, my Godfather Lonn and I completed our badlands bike trip last weekend. As you can see by the picture I put on 708 miles in two and a half days. Picture 1 is from our hunting camp near Mott, followed by a picture of dad and I in the badlands. The third picture is my personal favorite because it has the Fairview lift bridge in the background. The bridge crosses the Yellowstone River and was made in 1913. Just out of frame to the east is the only train tunnel in ND. It was an absolute blast and the Tiger is running strong as ever after 2500 miles. I look forward to one or two more rides before hunting season starts.

A Dream Ride in the U.K.

Riding in the Lake District

Tuesday eve here, about 530pm. I have not rode more than 350 miles in 2 days but it has been an interesting 350 miles…

UKride 1 copy

My plans, desire, need to visit the Isle of Man has been circumvented. Basically I fudged up n realise too late that I need to plan further in advance for this. I can catch the Ferry over on the date I want, but not back when I need. Hotels are pretty booked out and my plan of just rocking up and getting a room, where I want, is not happening.

So this will be where I am riding over the next couple days. Based out of Westmorland I have some 600 miles of good terrain to ride through, enjoy and write about…

wsmrlnd copy

And all is indeed very, very good

Another Dream Rides Submission from Australia

Just back…. a total of 83 hours, will calculate the distance soon, some 40 hours of total ride time, 3 hotels, numerous coffee shops, bakeries and pubs…

My hat goes off to Gary and Graeme who are tremendous riders. I like their style. I do though think Gary should invest in a GPS. Turning around, and around, and around to find the most scenic route is fun but my “racer” don;t do tight turns very well.

Adrian is now a bone fide road warrior. His first big. long, hard and demanding ride.

And what a ride it was! I’ll write it all up soon. But for now enjoy this as a tickler…

Thurxton dressed n ready to ride

night 1 of the pigletts unleashed

Graeme with a, still in the crate, 67 bonnie

x 75 Hurricane... mine looks nicer

Adrian with one of 12 Y2K machines built...

Aussie motorcycle museum

Graeme's sweet, sweet 2009, Bonneville 50th special edition. 1 of 650 made

QLD NSW boarder, 2

QLD NSW boarder

Hemp Embassy in Nimbin

night 3

night 2

off the beaten track in NSW

National Motorcycle Museum, 2

National Motorcycle Museum

wild pigletts on the road

wild pigletts on the road: l-r, Adrian, Gary, Graeme

Ditry, tired, but happi, and at home