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Did You Know?

How the BSA Gold Star got its name..

Did you know… BSA’s famous Gold Star line of motorcycles was named after Wal Handley’s BSA 500cc Empire Star was awarded a gold star medal at the famous Brooklands Race track (with a top speed of just over 107 mph!).

No Thunderbird in the Wild Ones?

Did you know that Triumph’s U.S. importers originally objected to the use of a Thunderbird in Marlon Brando’s iconic film the Wild One as they felt it would portray the motorcycle in a bad light to have it be ridden by members of a motorcycle gang?


Fun and Interesting Facts about British Motorcycles

  • Did you know that if you bought an Indian motorcycle between 1955 and 1959 it was actually made by Royal Enfield?

  • Did you know that Triumph's first parallel twin 650 wasn't Edward Turner's 6T Thunderbird, but actually Val Page's 6/1, which was made between 1934 and 1936?

  • Did you know that in the early 1950s BSA was actually the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world?

  • Did you know that the first motorcycle to feature a fully-enclosed valve train was made by Royal Enfield?

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