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Customer Bikes

First Bobber on the Road! Thanks for Sharing, Mike!

Press bike update: Perhaps the best Bonneville yet, from cruising at 100 on the 405 to handling, 4400 rpm at 105mph,  it is very comfortable, tracks very well, like a sport bike, only drawback is rear shock and small tank, it hauls like a Street Twin on steroids. Same type of instant torque.  Seating position is very comfortable, not exaggerated in any way, seat is good…don’t ask me how. I almost bought a Street Twin, love it, glad I waited, I want one.

They are to be released to dealers supposedly next week….Mick tells me I am the first to have one on the road!  Another hit for Triumph!  Can’t wait to cruise the Harley store.  After 500 miles it goes back, two more to ride.

Poor me…..where is the sun when I need it?

Berry Bike Show

It was a great morning out. Pete, Rob (ex president) and myself blasted off from Moss Vale at 0900hrs and via Kangaroo Valley made our way at high speed (mostly up around 120kph) down to Berry on the coast. Motorcycles came from everywhere, of all descriptions. It was a fascinating morning and I snapped quite a few photos. We had an early lunch in a cute little cafe before heading back home via the mountain road. Rob on his Ducati 1000 overtook me at one stage but not long after I overtook him and Pete on his powerful Honda CBR1100 and I never saw them again. You just can’t beat an Italian thoroughbred on twisty mountain roads, nor even could Rob on his Ducati which is heavier than the Guzzi. I just love my machine so much!! I love the crackle and pop back as I’m snipping down through the gears approaching into a tight corner then full blast out the other side. Other motorcyclists behind me have commented the exhaust note is sensational. Anyway, I figure you can’t have ordinary club members beating the vice president on a mountain road, or even getting near him, even with machines with twice the power!! ((-: