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Cardboard VR Assembly

So, You bought one of our Cardboard Virtual Reality Viewers? 

Use the below images as a guide to assemble your Cardboard Virtual Reality Viewer.

Step One:

This is how your Cardboard VR Viewer should have arrived. The first step is to carefully open the clear packaging and lay all of the items on a table.


Step Two:

The package should contain Two (2) magnets, Two (2) strips of velcro, Two (2) plastic lenses, One (1) rubber band, Two (2) separate cardboard cut outs and a couple strips of double sided tape (Not in Picture).


Step Three:

Unfold the 2 cardboard sections and lay them flat on a table. 


Step Four:

Next, pop out all of the perforated cardboard pieces out of the two (2) separate cardboard sections (See pieces at bottom right in image). You will not need any of these small pieces. 


Step Five:

Now you will need to assembly the lens section for your Virtual Reality Viewer. Grab the tri-fold section of cardboard and the two (2) plastic lenses. 


Step Six:

Fold one third of the tri-fold section under the center section. The center section doesn't have the 3 tabs so that it can hold the two (2) plastic lenses. 


Step Seven:

Place the two (2) plastic lenses into the openings in the center section of the tri-fold cardboard piece. You want to make sure the curved side of the lens is pointing towards your eyes. In the photo below the curved side of the lens is pointing up. You can always pop out the lenses later if you put them in incorrectly. 


Step Eight:

Next, fold over the other section of the tri-fold piece over the installed plastic lenses. Using a paper clip or small binder clip can be helpful holding this section together until you need it. Once you have this section assembled, you can set this to the side and grab the other section of folded cardboard.


Step Nine:

This section of cardboard is the main body of the Virtual Reality Viewer. This might take a couple of times to get this correct but just take your time and you should have no problem assembling the viewer correctly. There are black markers on both of the cardboard sections to show what tabs go into which holes. The first step is to fold the far right flap in the photo below over until the #1 tab fits into the #1 slot. 


Step Ten:

Using a binder clip on this part of the assembly is also helpful to hold each section together. You don't have to install the magnets on this step but you can see where one of the magnets will be placed in the circular cutout. In the below photo you can also see numbers 2 & 3 on this section of the VR viewer. These slots will be used in the next step when you install the section with the installed plastic lenses. 


Step Eleven:

Now take the section you assembled in Step 8 and match the corresponding numbers up with each other. These two cardboard sections will probably not want to stay together just by themselves but that is no problem! Just keep them in place long enough to fold the other sections around the tri-fold lens section. Follow the next steps and you will have a Virtual Reality Viewer in just a few more minutes!


Step Twelve:

Next, continue folding over the outer section around the tri-fold lens section. Make sure the corresponding numbers match up on both cardboard sections like the photo below. A binder clip is handy in this section also. Notice the small section of cardboard to the right of this VR viewer below? This is an important part of the VR viewer. 


Step Thirteen:

Place the small cardboard center divider into the corresponding holes in your viewer. Make sure the numbers match up with each other.


Step Fourteen:

Here is another view of the correct way to mount the center divider section.


Step Fifteen:

Next, install both magnets into your VR viewer. One magnet will go into the circular cut out shown in Step 10 and the other magnet will go on the other side of the cardboard side. Take note of the RED TAPE in the photo below. This is the double sided take that was included with your VR viewer. You want to place a piece or two on the flap shown below to ensure your VR viewer doesn't fall apart and you have to do this all over again! 


Step Sixteen:

Fold up the flap that you just placed the double sided tape on and hold it in place for a few seconds to ensure the flap is securely attached. 


Step Seventeen:

The center divider piece that you installed in Step 13 isn't held in place with anything. You really want to try to secure this with a piece of masking tape or something that will keep this piece from falling out. This piece is very important for the VR viewer to work correctly. I placed 4 small pieces of tape on all four sides of where it mounts into the viewer. 


Step Eighteen:

You are almost done!  Take the two (2) pieces of velcro that came with your VR viewer and remove the tape on one side and place the velcro on the viewer like the picture below.


Step Nineteen:

Remove the half of the velcro that you didn't attach to the body of the VR viewer. Take these other halves of velcro and place them on the cover where it says "Velcro". Guess What?!?  You Are Almost Done!


Step Twenty:

Fold up the front cover of your VR Viewer and then place the rubber band around the body of the viewer. The rubber band can be used a few different ways. Mainly, it seems like it is there to just provide a little bit more security for you phone when it is placed inside the VR viewer. 


You are done with the assembly! It is almost time for the fun stuff!

Now take your phone and download the following apps:

Google Street View
Google Cardboard

Open the Google Street View App on your Smartphone.

It should look similar to the image below on your phone:


Search for a location you would like to view in the Cardboard VR Viewer (Red Arrow in image above).

Try Searching for Baxter Cycle in Google Street View.

Your search results will look similar to the image below:


Click on the image that comes up at the bottom of your screen (The Red Arrow in the above image).

This will bring up Baxter Cycle's Google Street View location. 

Next, click on the Cardboard Icon located in the upper right corner of the below image (Red Arrow in image below).


This will change your phone screen into a Stereographic image (Split Screen) like the image below.


All you have to do now is carefully place your phone into the Cardboard Virtual Reality Viewer and have fun! 

You can move to the arrows you see on the ground by flicking down the magnet on the side of the VR viewer.