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Baxter Cycle Rocks! Thanks Mike!

I wanted to thank one of our customers, Mike H. for this awesome write up about his most recent experience with Baxter Cycle Parts.

Gotta say… Baxter Motorcycles Rock…


Gotta say… been throwing them fast balls n curve balls and “wobblies”, as the Britts would say… and every time I get my parts.

I am rebuilding a 58 SuperRocket… IMG_2348

This is a couple year project… IMG_2346 IMG_2345 IMG_2342 IMG_2063 IMG_2060 IMG_0676  IMG_2068

And we needed a ship-load of parts… A 57 yr old bike… I need parts… I contact Baxter Motorcycles in Marne Iowa…

I get my parts!

As a NativeIowan, this makes me feel real good.

Randy is a legend.

Chris is a champion…

Baxter Motorcycles ROCK!!!!

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