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Another Dream Rides Submission from Australia

Just back…. a total of 83 hours, will calculate the distance soon, some 40 hours of total ride time, 3 hotels, numerous coffee shops, bakeries and pubs…

My hat goes off to Gary and Graeme who are tremendous riders. I like their style. I do though think Gary should invest in a GPS. Turning around, and around, and around to find the most scenic route is fun but my “racer” don;t do tight turns very well.

Adrian is now a bone fide road warrior. His first big. long, hard and demanding ride.

And what a ride it was! I’ll write it all up soon. But for now enjoy this as a tickler…

Thurxton dressed n ready to ride

night 1 of the pigletts unleashed

Graeme with a, still in the crate, 67 bonnie

x 75 Hurricane... mine looks nicer

Adrian with one of 12 Y2K machines built...

Aussie motorcycle museum

Graeme's sweet, sweet 2009, Bonneville 50th special edition. 1 of 650 made

QLD NSW boarder, 2

QLD NSW boarder

Hemp Embassy in Nimbin

night 3

night 2

off the beaten track in NSW

National Motorcycle Museum, 2

National Motorcycle Museum

wild pigletts on the road

wild pigletts on the road: l-r, Adrian, Gary, Graeme

Ditry, tired, but happi, and at home


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