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A Great Story About Our Customer Roy’s First BSA DBD-34 Goldstar

Hello Baxter Cycle,

Hi Chris & guys. Chris has asked me to send in my story of my purchase of my first BSA DBD-34 Goldstar that I purchased in 1998. Prior to the story I would like to thank Baxters for their parts and excellence in their business communication and service. Chris at Baxters I can not speak any highly enough of. I email Chris after my evening meal and there is always a reply there the next morning. Thanks Chris. Where else in the world can you get service like that. Believe me you can’t All the best Baxters and staff for the new year.

   My story begins back in 1998 when I attended one of our local motor cycle swap meets as always you meet up with people you get to know at this yearly event. I met with an elderly chap who I always have a chat to and I said to him “have you found me a goldstar yet?” His reply “sorry I don’t know of any around”. There was another elderly chap beside him and he turned to me as he heard my conversation, “Are you after a goldstar?” My reply “Yes, I have been trying to find one for years”. His reply “ My brother-in-law has one and has decided to sell it “. We exchanged details, he said “ Ring me in a couple of days as I am not sure where he is at the moment”. Off I went and that was the longest two days that I have had to wait. I rang after the second day. His reply “No I still don’t know where he is but ring me again in two days”. At this stage my hopes were starting to decline. I rang again in two days. His reply “ Yes I know where he is and I will get him to ring you when he returns home”. So my hopes were starting to climb up again.

   Approximately a week went by and the phone rings . This was on a Monday at lunch time. The owner said “I believe you were talking to my brother-in-law and you are interested in buying my goldstar . My reply “Yes I am very keen and can you tell me more about it please”. His reply “It is a 1962 – DBD-34 unrestored “. Our conversation continued of what he knew about this bike. At the end of our conversation he said to me “There is another chap who knows of this bike and if I ever wanted to sell this bike he wanted first offer. So I have just rang him and told him it is for sale and now I am ringing you”. Ok my thoughts were why bother ringing me up and telling me this. We exchanged details and I said to him, “I will give you a ring tomorrow (Tuesday). Tuesday came and his reply was “No, he has not returned my call”. My reply “I will ring you tomorrow (Wednesday). Wednesday came and his reply “No’ still has not returned my call”. I said in a joking manner, “Can you do me a favour and don’t ring him?”. And I continued to say “I can be at your place 12 noon Friday as I have a flexi day”. The phone went silent for a moment and his reply “Ok that will be fine”. My reply “I won’t ring you as you have my phone number if anything changes and therefore I will see you Friday”. I got off the phone a little nervous thinking I might just have a chance with this.

   Thursday came and no phone call so I rang my brother and told him the situation and asked him would he come for the drive if it eventuated. Friday, no phone call so I rang my brother. It is a four and a half trip to the chaps place and I said to my wife I will go now and this was at 8am and then ring him at 9am and tell him we are well on our way. At 9.05am I rang my wife and the owners reply was “ Yes I am expecting him today”. So we went with relief 3 and a half hours to go. We drove down his drive way and here it was outside his garage. We introduced ourselves and the task of checking the bike over. I cannot believe I am looking at this bike. It is in full race trim alloy rims, GP carburettor, RRT2 gearbox and still maintains its english number plate. After a lot of inspecting I said to the owner “ do you mind if I try and turn the motor over ?’ and his reply “This bike has been in storage for 24years and I don’t know if you should”. I convinced him that it is ok the way I will do it. So I pulled in the decompression lever and very slowly pushed down the crank by hand and the motor turned smoothly. I turned it over approximately 3 revolutions and then let the decompression lever off. It came up on compression so I left it at that. I said to my brother that I think this could be original, as all the bolts and nuts don’t appear to have been off. There is no marks on the nuts and the threads are a little rusty. Ok I did the deal, paid for the bike, loaded up and off we went. Saturday night and the phone rings and it was the previous owner of the bike and he said “ The guy came Saturday to look at the bike and he wanted to know if it was for sale for more than I paid for it”. I said “ I will have to turn down the offer”. The following week I contacted the Goldstar Club and gave them the engine and frame numbers when they returned my call and said “Are you sitting down?” I said “I’m not sure if I want to know”. They said “Your bike is the fourth one we know of to be correct”. They gave me the authenticity certificate which also contains the first owners name. There is an old saying, I was over the moon!

I bought this bike 13/11/1998 and it is showing a little over 8,000miles on the speedo. I did all the checks prior to see if it would start. I cranked it and it fired 3 to 4 times and soon as you would open the throttle it would stop. I replaced the magneto armature as it only had a little red spark and it fired up. Test road wonderful and I have not ridden this bike since.

The previous owner bought the bike 9/11/1974. This has stood in his garage in storage prior to my purchase.

This bike as my brother would say “ It is best left in it’s original working clothes”.

This is my story of my first purchase of these wonderful goldstar motor cycles.

Thank you again Baxters and Chris for your time and excellent service.

Regards Roy

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