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A Dream Ride in the U.K.

Riding in the Lake District

Tuesday eve here, about 530pm. I have not rode more than 350 miles in 2 days but it has been an interesting 350 miles…

UKride 1 copy

My plans, desire, need to visit the Isle of Man has been circumvented. Basically I fudged up n realise too late that I need to plan further in advance for this. I can catch the Ferry over on the date I want, but not back when I need. Hotels are pretty booked out and my plan of just rocking up and getting a room, where I want, is not happening.

So this will be where I am riding over the next couple days. Based out of Westmorland I have some 600 miles of good terrain to ride through, enjoy and write about…

wsmrlnd copy

And all is indeed very, very good

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