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Month: August 2015

Badlands Bike Trip

Dad, my Godfather Lonn and I completed our badlands bike trip last weekend. As you can see by the picture I put on 708 miles in two and a half days. Picture 1 is from our hunting camp near Mott, followed by a picture of dad and I in the badlands. The third picture is my personal favorite because it has the Fairview lift bridge in the background. The bridge crosses the Yellowstone River and was made in 1913. Just out of frame to the east is the only train tunnel in ND. It was an absolute blast and the Tiger is running strong as ever after 2500 miles. I look forward to one or two more rides before hunting season starts.

You Bet There’s A Special Story…



You bet there’s a special story about this beauty. It is one of a kind we believe. It is a true Centennial with a Baxter Cycle converted kit that came from BC stock as purchased from Triumph as the plant did burn and no Golden Jubilee’s could be produced. Randy has kept this kit for 13 years until now.
The story is bitter sweet as the original owner of the Centennial passed away just two months ago and was a close friend to the BC family and the awesome group I ride with in New Smyrna Beach.
Randy knew I had a Royal Wedding LE, its commemorate 2014 T 100 SE, a Silver Jubilee and he knew this beauty would round out an awesome collection for me that no one else has ever put together or likely will.
I am proud to have it and just only can say Thank You Baxter Cycle.